The Lessons of Life (TM) educational program focuses on real life issues that children deal with everyday.  Each Lesson of Life session features an interactive, focused message that provides factual information for each child.


The program is presented in a fun, meaningful way.  After the presentation the child is given a homework assignment and encouraged to sit down with an adult to work out and discuss together.  

The three educational tracks are: Substance Abuse Prevention, Education and Personal Values.  Each track has seven components.  The sessions are designed to focus on the needs of the children at each individual site.  These tracks are aimed at character development and values.

The educational strategy is to create a sense of self worth, competence, confidence and self discipline.  The educational program defines and redefines character, social skills, teaches prevention methods and promotes educational excellence.  

By improving a child's self worth, increasing their knowledge base and teaching them prevention skills we create an environment to enable each child to reach their full potential.


Substance Abuse Prevention

*Drugs Destroy Dreams!

*Alcohol Can Ruin Lives!

*Defend Yourself, Don’t Smoke!

*Decision Making: Know the Right Move!

*Peer Pressure: Don't Give In!

*Friendship: Choose the Right Teammates!

Health: Make the Smart Play-Stay Balanced!


*School: Your Aim in Life!

*Self Esteem: You Can Do it-Everyone's Good at Something!

*Prejudice and Discrimination: See The Whole Game!

*Bullying: A Personal Foul!

*Online Safety: Don’t get a TECHnical Foul!

*Safety: Protect Yourself!

*Community: Get Involved in the Game!

Personal Values

*Hard Work & Dedication: These are Not Just Sports Words!

*Respect: Stand Tall!

*Responsibility: Make Sure to Follow Through!

*Hero vs. Role Model: Choose your Position Wisely!

*Sportsmanship: Playing by the Rules!

*Honesty: Be a Straight Player!

*Kindness: Share the Ball!