Our History

Recognizing the need for quality after school programs in the community and noticing the exploding growth and popularity of basketball, the Academy decided to combine the two...the result was the creation of Future Stars Basketball Academy.

Future Stars' mission was to initiate a positive fundamental basketball base for young children and at the same time provide local communities with a quality alternative for after school or weekend activities.  Thus, bringing parents, children and community recreation together for a dynamic, fun-filled learning atmosphere.   The goal being to teach children to play basketball, stress the importance of education, provide positive role models and reward excellence and effort.

Unlike many independent basketball camps that are held in the summer only and range in quality and effect, Future Stars wanted to develop a consistent year round program.  A program that ensured systematic enjoyment, education and improvement of skills for children during the school year as well.  Future Stars enlisted the assistance of some of the top "educators" including NCAA and High School coaches to design the Future Stars System.

Each site is required to abide by the Future Stars program in order to maximize participation and most importantly...guarantee results!  Future Stars Basketball Academy has been such a huge success since its inception in 1995 the curriculum has grown to include baseball, cheerleading, football, lacrosse, soccer and softball.