A Non-Profit Organization founded for the benefit and education of today's youth.

"One hundred years from now...It will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much I had in my bank account, or what my clothes looked like.   But the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child."


Investing in our Future

Today's students are tomorrow's teachers, community leaders and corporate work force.  The track they choose as an impressionable child will determine their path in life and our future as a community.

The Future Stars Program (TM)  was developed not only to shape better athletes but more importantly to develop well rounded citizens.  Born of this program was The Future Stars Children's Foundation.

The Future Stars Program is a valuable educational tool providing vital instruction, coaching and guidance to help ensure that children participating in the program have a better chance of choosing the right track in life.

In addition to the learning the basics of a chosen sport and the art of healthy competition, Future Stars participants are educated on important Lessons of Life (TM) issues and attitudes that instill:

-A Sense of Self Worth


-Goal Orientation


-Self Discipline

-Moral Conscience

Our programs structure and educational emphasis provide an organized, professional approach to youth development that is;  valuable, result-oriented and measurable.

Costs established with running a program include: educational and individual sport instructors, uniforms, incentive giveaways, educational materials, marketing staff and site related expenses. These expenses are covered by a per student tuition fee.  In some communities, the tuition rate per student is funded by parents who can afford the program for their child and see the value in coupling life lessons with sports as a learning tool.

Yet, many of the communities that we serve while valuing and embracing the concepts and outcomes of our program are unable to not only cover the tuition fee but navigate the logistics of getting their child to and from our program.  So, while the desire and need to have a Future Stars program available for youth is present there are only so many scholarship dollars available.    

Fortunately, the Future Stars Children's Foundation recognizes the programs importance to families and children and see value in fulfilling their vision.  In fact, the foundation was founded to bring the Future Stars Program to less fortunate youth on a scholarship basis.

The Foundation needs your assistance in fulfilling our goals and objective of bringing the Lessons of Life to all children through the Future Stars Program!  

Communities today need to meet needs and fill gaps where possible.  We are asking you to help us bring this program to families that may not have access today to help build our communities of tomorrow through children and sports.

A copy of a letter from the Internal Revenue Service/Department of Treasury regarding CONTRIBUTIONS/DONATIONS can be obtained by contacting Future Stars Children's Foundation Inc. at:

21 Captains Watch, Shelton, CT 06484, Phone (203) 926-6822, Fax (203) 926 6922, Toll Free (877) 998-STAR

The Future Stars Children's Foundation is a sequel to the Future Stars Outreach Program focusing on disadvantaged, at-risk youth.  The program process uses sports as a motivation to successfully complete school work and homework encouraging positive behavior and good character.  The combination of the sports program and the "Lessons of Life" component propels each child towards reaching their full potential.